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Potato - Cooked Endive Mash (Andijvie stampot) - 300g

A traditional Dutch staple food, a mix of richly mashed spuds and fresh chopped endive. The unique combination of textures and flavors make this an all-time favorite: the smooth, soft and hearty potato mash is offset against the crunchy, mildly bitter bites of endive. We offer the ultimate companions to this dinner meal: order yours with a whole of half smoked pork sausage, 1 or 2 pork meatballs, gravy – see our order options.

Serving suggestion: for extra taste, evenly fill a baking dish with our Potato-Endive Mash, and spread a thin layer of grated Old Amsterdam Cheese on top. Put in the middle of the oven for 15 minutes with top heating set at 120° C. Remove from oven when cheese turns slightly brown or melts, and serve as lunch or dinner, with some smoked pork sausages or meatballs and gravy on the side.


  • Served in 300g portions

Potato - Cooked Endive Mash (Andijvie stampot) - 300g

    • Defrost in microwave for 5 min, stir and microwave another 5 min.

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