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Handmade Dutch Specialities Co., Ltd.

A dynamic company founded a number of years ago to provide Expats, Tourists and Locals in Thailand with original top quality Dutch snacks.

The snacks are produced in our modern 180m2 kitchen.
















It is not all about Dutch snacks as you can see for yourself in our product page. When customers have a significant demand for a non original Dutch snack, we will develop this product and put it on our list.



HDS, a company with a modern profile

We use European standards which are at the moment only common for bigger factories in Thailand, but things are rapidly changing these days.

Under the principle that we ourselves only want to eat the best possible food, prepared under the best conditions, it's no wonder that we put this attitude into our production line and want the best for our customers.

Hygiene, prime ingredients and good recipes gives high quality products and as we like to say: by far the better Dutch snacks produced in Thailand.


Further more, all our products are handmade and hand-shaped, so forgive us if sizes and weights are not always equal.


Suggestions for extension of our product range or any other feedback are welcomed.

You are invited to be amazed.

Thank you.

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