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Hungarian Goulash Stew

Originally a dish widely consumed by shepherds in Hungary (‘gulyas’ means herdsman or cowboy) in the 9th century, it found its way to the Netherlands around 1500. Newly discovered bellpeppers or paprikas from the Far East were added to make this the flavorful dish we love today. Our home-made version comes with 50g of tender pork.

Serving suggestion: Goulash is a friend of all – serve it over a steamy bowl of rice, as topping on a plate of pasta, or as a rich gravy over cooked or mashed potatoes. All servings will surprise you with its bursting flavors!


  • Net weight: 300g.

Hungarian Goulash Stew

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    • Defrost in microwave for 3 min, stir and microwave another 3 min.

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