Chicken Satay Croquette

This is our very own twist on the ‘good-old’ croquette, where East meets West. We prepare a smooth, hearty ragout with pieces of chicken satay, divide our batch in multiple round bars, and roll these individually in a very thin layer of batter. Of course no added preservatives and no artificial additives.

Serving suggestion: our Chicken Satay Croquette is probably the only member of the croquette family that goes exceptionally well with a... rice dish! For the true peanut lovers we recommend topping a bowl of steamed rice with some fresh bean sprouts, add 2 tablespoons of our Satay Sauce, and serve along with 2 crispy Chicken Satay Croquettes.


  • Net weight: 80g/piece (pack of 4)

Chicken Satay Croquette

    • Deep fry in full frozen condition for 7.5 min. at 180°C 

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