Shawarma Chicken Meat

This delicious meat dish originated in the Ottoman Empire, where it was known as ‘cevirme’ (see the origin of the name?). Tender, thin-sliced strips of chicken are seasoned with our secret blend of shawarma spices, providing a delicious Middle-eastern aroma. Our shawarma comes as natural as they come: without added preservatives and artificial additives.

Serving suggestion: pre-heat some Arab bread buns in the oven until slightly brown. Thinly slice a green and red bell pepper, fry in tablespoon of olive oil, together with the shawarma meat, over medium heat until slightly brown. Cut the buns in half, and stuff with the meat/bell pepper mixture. Serve with garlic sauce.


  • Net weight 500g

Shawarma Chicken Meat

    • Defrost first! Fry in a skillet with a few drops of oil. Fry until pork has a nice brown color

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