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Green Pea Soup

Especially when you are originally from the colder climates (we’re looking at you, Dutchies in Thailand!) you will be familiar with this tasty soup. The rich combination of the soft, slightly bitter green peas and vegetables, the hearty pork meat and the smoky taste of the sausage makes this an irresistible candidate for your next dinner.

Serving suggestion: slowly fry some strips of bacon over low heat. Don’t fry until crispy, keep the bacon soft and tender. Grab a slice of dark rye bread (more and more available in Thailand these days), cover with thin layer of pure butter, and then add the bacon. Eat as the perfect side dish with your soup. Green split peas are also available in 1 kg packagings to make your own green pea soup.


  • Net weight 250g

Green Pea Soup

    • Put in bowl with a some water and heat in microwave for 3 minutes, take out and stir, put back in microwave for another 2 minutes. Take out, stir and leave it for 1 minute

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