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Goulash Croquette

A new version of this traditional snack. The original croquette (with beef or pork) was first introduced to...the French Emperor around 1705! A century long it was only consumed by royals, until the recipe found its way to the ‘common people’, mostly in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Today you can order this royal snack straight from us. We prepare a smooth, hearty goulash ragout, divide our batch in multiple round bars, and roll these individually in a very thin layer of batter. Of course no added preservatives and no artificial additives.

Serving suggestion: to enjoy the maximum flavor from this tasty snack, you have to keep it simple. Cut a fresh white bread roll in half, cover the bottom with a thin layer of mayonnaise or butter, and the top with a healthy layer of mustard. Squeeze the croquette in-between the halves, and enjoy!


  • Net weight 80g

Goulash Croquette

    • Deep fry in frozen condition for 7.5 min. at 180°C

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