Cheese Souffle

Who doesn’t like Dutch cheese? And if this cheese comes in a ‘soft on the inside – crispy on the outside’ format, it will take your taste buds straight to heaven. We melt carefully selected cheese in a small rectangle, roll a thin dough-based wrap around it, and bread the whole cover prior to deep-freezing. Vegetarian-proof!

Serving suggestion: as a snack, our Cheese Souffle is best enjoyed with a spread of mustard, ketchup, or our flavorful Curry Ketchup. Can also be served in a bun, with the bottom and top of the bun covered in a thin layer of mustard and ketchup.


  • Net weight 60g

Cheese Souffle

  • Deep fry for 2.5 minutes at 180 degrees celsius before turning after 2 minutes then removing from fryer

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