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Battered Fried Noodles

A favorite Dutch snack where East meets West, the “Bamischijf”, the twin sister of the “Nasischijf”. A delicate mixture of short-chopped noodles, vegetables, spices and noodles, egg, garlic, onion, carrot, bell pepper, leek, chilli, egg white, bread, herbs and hpices is formed into the shape of a large hockey puck. We cover this delicious ‘noodle disk’ in a thin layer of batter before deep-freezing. You definitely will appreciate the bursting flavor it offers once you take your first bite.

Serving suggestion: although our Bamischijf is best consumed as a standalone snack, it goes well with some French fries and a small salad on the side.


  • Net weight 80g

Battered Fried Noodles

    • Deep fry in full frozen condition for 7.5 min. at 180°C 

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