Dutch Skinless Sausage

The translation for this Dutch delicacy doesn’t serve its original name well, so let’s use the real name Frikandel’ here. A long sausage without skin (but you guessed that already...), made of very thinly minced pork and chicken meat. We add our own secret house-mix of spices to give this king of snacks its delicate Frikandel taste.

Serving suggestion: here is the most popular way the Dutch eat their Frikandel. After deep-frying, cut the Frikandel open, lengthwise. Don’t cut it in half, keep the lower part whole. Fill the opening with a layer of mayonnaise, then ketchup, and top this off with a generous serving of finely chopped onions.


  • Net weight 90g

Dutch Skinless Sausage

    • Deep fry in frozen condition for 5 min. at 180°C

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