A spicy snack of minced pork and chicken meat with a unique rib shape. Apart from being consumed as a snack, a Mexicano can also be the perfect meat companion of many fried Thai dishes. And the connection with Mexico? Well, the snack appeared on the market in 1984, when the Dutch soccer team tried to qualify for the 1986 Soccer World Cup in Mexico. We have to admit: our team didn’t qualify (terrible), but the Mexicano survived!

Serving suggestion: try our irresistible Tropical Mexicano. Per serving, fry 2 slices of bacon. Cut open a medium-sized baguette, and cover the bottom with a thin layer of mayonnaise, topped with some chopped iceberg salad. Cut the deep-fried Mexicano lengthwise in half, place on top of iceberg salad. Put the fried slices of bacon on top of the Mexicano, cover with 2 or 3 slices of cheddar cheese, then add some chopped pineapple chunks. Put the open-faced baguette in the oven on medium-heat, until cheese starts to melt. Before serving, top off this deliciously rich baguette with a dose of our tangy Curry Ketchup.


  • Net weight 135g


    • Deep fry in frozen condition for 2 min. at 180°C

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