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Old Amsterdam

This premium aged Gouda cheese with its firm texture, deep color, and smooth, rich and robust flavor is ripened on wooden shelves for approximately 8 months to form its typical semi-hard structure. Most pieces of Old Amsterdam contain tiny holes (“eyes”), and crunchy white, slightly salty, protein crystals. This cheese is based on a secret family recipe which provides its complex flavor profile. Although slightly crumbly and dry, this particular cheese can still be sliced in the first few days after opening. Once it ages a bit more, it's a great choice as a tasty bite to accompany your drink!


Serving suggestion: grate 200g cheese in a bowl, add a thinly chopped apple, 1 chopped large sour gherkin, 5 tablespoons of crème fraiche, 1 tablespoon of mustard, a dash of freshly ground black pepper, and the juice of 1/2 lemon or 1 lime. Mix well and let it rest for about 1 hour in the fridge. Serve this tasty cheese salad as sandwich topping, or on crackers as a party snack.


  • We pack our Old Amsterdam Cheese in vacuum sealed portions of 500g each or 1 kilo.

Old Amsterdam

500 Grams

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