Cheese Fondue - Emmi

We are excited to introduce our Emmi Cheese Fondue; a ready to use fondue made from premium natural Swiss cheese based on the original fondue recipe since 1958. A creamy, mild tasty, easy to prepare fondue.
If you are a cheese lover, then this is the perfect dish for you!


Originated in Switzerland, fondue is a well-known melted cheese dish where hardened cheeses are “melted” (the meaning of the word fondue) combined with white wine, brandy or cognac and seasoning in a ceramic pan or enameled cast iron pot (caquelon) over a portable stove with a candle or spirit lamp.

It is the perfect way to gather with family or friends and enjoy the goodness of a hearty meal or cheesy snack.


Serving suggestion: Use a nice whole wheat or white crusty bread or baguette and cut it into cubes of about 3 x 3cm. Open the Emmi fondue bag and pour the content of the bag into a ceramic pan or enameled cast iron pot. Constantly stir and bring to boil on the stove. To serve, place the pan or pot on the fondue burner so that the cheese continues to cook evenly. Stick a bread cube on a fondue fork and dip it into the fondue. Stir evenly so that the fondue stays thick and smooth to the end.

There are many excellent side dishes that can complement this lovely meal:
Something meaty: salami, ham, meatballs, sausages or chicken slices.
Something veggie: asparagus, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms.
Something fruity: grapes, apple slices, apricots and dried figs.


  • Contains white wine


  • Net weight: approx. 400g

Cheese Fondue - Emmi